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At Hendersonville Pest Control, we have been providing reliable extermination and waterproofing services in the Asheville, NC area for many years. Our mission is to identify the source of your problem and remove it—efficiently, effectively, and affordably. We have a reputation for providing the best services available in the pest control industry, and we work hard every day to maintain that reputation.

For homeowners experiencing an infestation of insects, rodents, birds, bats, or any other undesired creature, we will come to the rescue. Our trained and experienced technicians will find and destroy the problem and will work with you to avoid future infestations. We will seek out those hard-to-kill pests in difficult-to-reach spots, and achieve far better results than you could on your own.

If you are experiencing moisture problems in any part of your home, we will locate and eliminate the source of the moisture, remove excess water from the premises, and check for water-related damage. We will remove mold and mildew and take measures to prevent their reoccurrence.

Do not let moisture or household pests endanger your family or destroy your home. Get the best extermination and moisture control services in town by calling Hendersonville Pest Control in Asheville, NC. We provide free estimates and $25 off your first service.

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